(There and) Back Again

Many years ago, back in the early days of the internet and blogging, I had a blog.

It wasn’t a very popular blog, but a lot of my friends frequented it. This was back in the days after I finished my A-levels, and all the way through university. It was a form of positive reinforcement; we all blogged, and we all read each other’s blogs.

Of course, by all, I meant a big enough number, but not everyone. Yet, they were all my friends. Are my friends.

But over the few years after that, as life caught up with us, we stopped. Slowly, gradually, but definitely, we stopped. One of my friends, the most prolific blogger we had, last updated her blog on the 27th of March, 2012. She hasn’t posted since.

Other reasons as to why we stopped blogging included the rise of Facebook. It provided an easy means for us to update the world with our various thoughts, without the cost and effort required to maintain a blog. Twitter made posting little updates that didn’t require any long, drawn out process easy.

Yet, somehow, both Facebook and Twitter made blogging less personal. More personal, yet less personal. We felt free to post whatever we wanted with little effort, but within the confines of the individual formats. We could share every individual aspect of our lives with everyone in the world, but within the ecosystem of Facebook only. We had audience engagement of a scale unprecedented in history for the common person, but at the same time, our posts were drowned out amongst the posts of everyone else in the individuals timelines.

There are many reasons as to why I chose to start blogging again. Mostly, because I just wanted to. I wanted a place where I could write about and link to whatever the heck I wanted. Sure, maybe I’ll get some readers. Most probably, I won’t. I’m not in this to make money. I’m not in this to get recognition. I’m in this because it’s fun.

Sure, I won’t be updating it every day. Maybe once a week. Maybe once a month. Maybe longer. Maybe a few times a day. It all depends if I feel like it. If I feel like there’s anything to blog about. If I feel it’s worth the effort. If I feel it’s worth my time.

I will end my first post here. Stay tuned for more.