Mainroad Woes

Gabe Weatherhead, the MacDrifter himself, switched his blog over to Hugo. He was a victim of the Webfaction shutdown himself, and like me, looked for a different blogging engine (he was previously using Pelican).

He launched the new site today, hosted on Opalstack, using the Mainroad theme on top of Hugo. And like me, he seems to have the same problem with the post excerpts on the main page, in that all the formatting is stripped. From the look of things, he has been unable to fix it either. However, unlike me, he persisted, instead of bailing out like me.

It’s interesting that we both settled on the same minimalistic theme, though in hindsight, it was probably his blog that inspired the minimalist in me. (You do not want to see my old Geocities site).

Anyway, I’m glad to see he’s back blogging. The Internet was a worse place without him.