Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of this site is simple: I do not collect any information about you without your knowledge. If WordPress leaves cookies of any sort, I don’t know what those cookies are, or how to access the information contained within them. This is a stock standard WordPress installation, with the addition of the Twenty Seventeen theme, obtained from the WordPress Theme Gallery.

The only time you have to provide any form of information is when you leave a comment, (by providing your name and email address) all in an effort to avoid spam. Even then, you can make it up. I won’t know, and I won’t care.

The WordPress JetPack plugin does provide some stats about visitors to this site, but only about views and other very general information. Nothing that is collected there is identifiable to you.

Honestly, I have no interest in your information. I have no need or interest in your information unless you wish to volunteer it.

As you can also see, connections to this site are protected by SSL (as noted by the lock icon in the address bar above). I take privacy very seriously. How can I not? It’s a fundamental part of my day to day job.

TL;DR: Your information is yours. I have no interest in it, and will not collect it.